NGO partnership
Acting For Life - Swift Wash Project

Combatting sexual exploitation

Acting for Life (formerly "Groupe Développement") is an international community outreach organization recognised of "Public Utility", providing technical and financial support to over 100 local associations in some 40 countries. The object of the association is to facilitate aid to development initiatives, to promote cooperation with developing countries, primarily via socially oriented economic projects, to fight sexual abuse and violence against children and adolescents.

The goal of the Swift Wash laundry, launched in 2006 and supported by the NGO Acting for Life, is to provide support and guidance to former victims for social integration. To this purpose, they need to be provided with a source of income, vocational training and psychosocial assistance. In July 2012, a group of Kering executives contributed their expertise on the field, in the context of the leadership development program, by the Kering corporate university.

Acting For Life
Combatting sexual exploitation
Start date:
September 2010
End date:
September 2011
Former prostitutes and procurers repentant