Social entrepreneurs

Environment-friendly menstrual pads to enable girls'educational and vocational integration

Created in 2009 by Grinvalds and Sophie Klumpp, the Ugandan company AFRIpads encourages the educational and vocational integration of girls by producing locally-made, washable and environment-friendly sanitary pads. Giving access to the type of product leads to a reduction of school absenteeism. The company also encourages employment that benefits women, by creating opportunities within the local production units, including at management level, through training programs. AFRIpads wants to revitalize rural economy with its production units and takes into environment into consideration at design, production line and product distribution stages. The use of washable menstrual pads, reusable for a year, rather than disposable pads, enables a cost reduction of 75% for end-customers.

This project was mentored by a manager of Bottega Veneta, on human resources strategies. Additionally to the guide compiling HR internal guidelines for managers, management training was held in autumn 2013.

Education of girls and employment of women
Start date:
June 2012
End date:
June 2013
Ugandan girls and african women