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03/13/2013 | 3 Questions To…

Eve Ensler, V-Day founder, is a committed author fighting violence against women

Portraits > 0Eve EnslerEve Ensler shares with us the reasons of her involvement and her point of view on the main ways of action to be developed to end violence against women. With V-Day and the One Billion Rising campaign, she has convinced one billion people to rise up and dance last February 14. 

Read the interview.

"I think the hardest thing we have to confront is patriarchy, the mind-set of patriarchy which has been drilled for thousands of years into our body and cells and thinking. We have to go at the problem of violence against women from many angles. We must create laws and then fight to make sure they are applied. (…) We must make this issue the major issue of our time".

11/30/2011 | 3 Questions To…

Interview: Clémentine Lévy, Training Programme Officer, French Fédération Nationale Solidarité Femmes

After François-Henri Pinault signed the Charter for the Prevention and Fight against Domestic Violence in Autumn 2010, the PPR Foundation implemented a number of FNSF awareness programmes on domestic violence in the Group’s French companies. We interviewed Clémentine Lévy, Training Programme Officer, on the subject

12/11/2009 | 3 Questions To…

Behind the scenes with Nectar Graphique

What attracted you initially in the web site project? 

Getting involved in projects aimed at improving the life of disadvantaged people is always highly motivating for us.

Our challenge was to find the right web staging that would enable PPR to smoothly engage in the ongoing conversational flow now riding the Internet wave.

At the time, we had reached a watershed in our strategic thinking, putting us in an ideal position to propose a radically novel approach to web design.

In your view, what was innovative about this project?

What was truly innovative was to have before us a commissioning client highly receptive to our approach entirely inspired by new web design models, and truly prepared to risk the adventure.

This gave us the chance to work in depth with two innovative principles of current internet design:  

- a participatory process involving both the designers (Nectar Graphique) and the client (the PPR Foundation)

- graphics designed from an on-line dynamic layout model that incorporates both user-friendliness and browsing experience at the core of the creative process.

Tell us about your favourite moments when designing the web site.

There were three key highlights.

- When we developed our overall concept to submit a proposal to the Foundation's staff.
- When we realized that the joint creation process had been fully successful and that our initial concept was materialising in the prototype.
- When we saw the Foundation team actually roll out the contents and take over the tool, conferring to the site its genuine personality. 

A web site should not be regarded as just a product but rather as a communication tool. And the success of web site design needs to be assessed based on web users' experience.

So of course, we wish the new PPR Foundation site many visits and a great success!