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10/11/2013 | To Watch, To Read

Today is the International Day of the Girl Child: say no to child brides

Watch the stories of girls illustrating the complex cultural issues tied to child marriage in Niger and Zambie in the Chime for Change editorial platform.

Watch here the video created by Plan International: In Dosso, Niger 13-year-old Mariama has just discovered that she will be married in a few days time. Mariama's mother was worried that her daughter would have a child out of wedlock and then no one would marry her so she accepted 100,00 CFA (200 USD) as a dowry from a local market trader in his mid-20s.

09/20/2013 | An Eye On…

Opening of a Desert Flower Foundation's new center and a new base to fight against female genital mutilation

fleur du désert > warisDesert Flower Foundation, founded by Waris Dirie, a member of the Kering Foundation Board, will set up a new centre in Berlin, Germany and a new base in Montreux, Switzerland, to keep on fighting against the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM), which affects more than 140 million women worldwide. Through awareness and information campaigns,  the foundation will provide an opportunity for women who have undergone FGM to benefit from restorative and reconstructive surgery.

Swiss Women’s Clinic, Grand Rue 3, 1820 Montreux – Suisse

08/08/2013 | An Eye On…

A community-based approach in Bamako: local women leaders, ambassadors of Pesinet

GUCCI > femmes_pesinetThe gathering of women in informal groups to collectively manage the problems of everyday life is widespread in Mali and structures the life of their community and that of their neighborhood. Last June, our NGO partner Pesinet decided to introduce its e-healthcare service to eight women’s neighborhood groups in Bamako Coura Dravela and Ouolofobougou: a total of 284 women participated in these meetings.

Convinced of the positive impact of Pesinet programme, the presidents of the groups all agreed to publicize this service widely among local women and also to participate in roundtables broadcasted on radio, on “the importance of prevention and early detection of diseases of the child.”

Finally, Pesinet will organize in August a series of “Balani shows” musical entertainment very popular street in Bamako, which will promote the service in a lighter & funnier manner to neighborhood residents.

07/31/2013 | An Eye On…

Despite overwhelming opposition, 30 million girls at risk of genital mutilation – UNICEF

The United Nations Children’s Fund has published on July 22 a report on the practice of female genital mutilation: at least 125 million girls and women have experienced female genital mutilation and 30 million girls are still at risk. This report is based on 74 national surveys led in 29 countries in Africa and the Middle East where the practice is concentrated as 90%.

However, the data shows that FGM is becoming less prevalent overall and the younger generation is less vulnerable to the practice, especially in Benin, Central African Republic, Iraq, Liberia and Nigeria.

Though the practice has persisted for over a thousand years, FGM can end in one generation, which is the objective of the UN. UNICEF suggests to carry out activities enabling communities to make a coordinated and collective choice to abandon FGM, as our NGO partner Equilibres et Populations does in the district of Kayes in Mali. Its project aims to change behaviours on excision practices through community conversations and education about human rights with adults, adolescents and religious leaders.

To read the report 


07/18/2013 | In Pictures

210 projects for women’s empowerment in 81 countries funded thanks to the $3.9M raised by the SOUND OF CHANGE LIVE concert last 1 June in London

Highlights on the Sound Of Change Live Concert from Kering Foundation on Vimeo.

CHIME FOR CHANGE, the global campaign for girls’ and women’s empowerment founded by Gucci presented its first major fundraising event, THE SOUND OF CHANGE LIVE, a global concert held on 1 June at London’s Twickenham Stadium.  The concert brought together some of the world’s most talented artists and renowned activists to raise funds and awareness for girls and women. It was broadcast in more than 150 countries globally reaching an audience of one billion viewers, enabling people from around the world to support real change for girls and women.

Each of the 50,000 concertgoers was able to donate the value of their ticket price (less VAT and service fees) to projects of their choice in favour of education, health and justice for every women.

Projects funded through CHIME FOR CHANGE and the crowdfunding platform through have supported a diverse range of non-profits, from well-known global organisations to small, grassroots NGOs.  Project amounts ranged from $695 to $57,750. 

6 NGOs, partners of the Kering Foundation, will now have the opportunity to reinforce their support for women victim of violence, thanks to the total amount of $126,000 raised for their projects:


  • Médecins du Monde to help Syrian refugees access healthcare through
  • AFESIP to rehabilitate victims of commercial sexual exploitation in Cambodia through 
  • Planète Enfants to support victims of trafficking in Nepal through 
  • Samusocial International to provide care to victims of domestic violence in Peru through 
  • Pesinet to fight against infant and maternity mortality in Mali and Burkina Faso through 
  • Equilibres & Populations to eliminate female genital mutilation in Mali through.


Over the course of the next year, CHIME FOR CHANGE will continue to convene, unite and strengthen the voices speaking out for girls and women around the world through special events, new partnerships and the ongoing creation and dissemination of unique journalistic and film content, especially through its digital and social media platforms. In June 2014, CHIME FOR CHANGE will celebrate the global impact of its community’s engagement with an event that will highlight the progress of the first year of the campaign.