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12/13/2012 | An Eye On…

News from the field: key achievement 2012 of AFESIP, fighting trafficking and sexual exploitation in Cambodia

partenariat ONG > AFESIP update 2012Since 2009, the Kering Foundation supports AFESIP (“Agir pour les femmes en situation précaire”) founded in 1996 in Cambodia by Somaly Mam, a former victim of trafficking and sexual exploitation. 

The objectives are to address all of the consequences of human trafficking, including preventative measures, shelter, protection and care, until social and economic reintegration of the victims.

On the occasion of the fourth annual Anti-Trafficking Day in Cambodia, AFESIP draws a report of its action in 2012 : 249 women and girls have received medical and psychological care in its three partner shelters in Cambodia. 100% of shelter residents received basic education, and 30 residents were reintegrated as entrepreneurs with start-up microbusiness grants. Over 1,000 women and girls visited the free medical clinic for consultations, counselling, and treatment. 13 court cases of trafficking and abuse have ended in conviction. 

Watch the documentary on Somaly Mam’s action in the Half the Sky programme via the American online TV…(not available in Europe)

To learn more about the AFESIP project

12/11/2012 | An Eye On…

November 25: the Kering Foundation involved social media, French television channels and theaters to raise awareness on violence against women

Logos > WR mosaiqueThe three projects supported by the Kering Foundation did make a difference in raising  awareness on violence against women awareness:

  • The badge designed by Stella McCartney for the White Ribbon For Women campaign was adopted nearly 1000 times on social media. Thanks to the involvement of PPR and its brands, such as Boucheron, Brioni, Girard-Perregaux, Gucci, Sergio Rossi, and to everyone who got involved, the campaign generated numerous online interactions and almost  reached over 15 million people!
    To learn more on Violence Against Women 

  • The new Solidarité Femmes (French association) campaign film against domestic violence, produced with the PPR Foundation’s support, was broadcast during the French Football League matches in stadiums, on popular French TV channels such as TF1 and Eurosport, and also projected in cinemas in December  in partnership with Screenvision. Online, the clip was watched more than 50 000 times.
    To watch the spot again
  • On 25 November, Catherine Cabrol, a French photographer, staged Injuries To Women at La Comédie-Française, a photographic testimonial of women victims of different forms of violence, personified by famous male actors. Partnering the event, the PPR Foundation and Boucheron, as a sponsor of La Comédie-Française, invited 50 Kering employees to attend the event, alongside the French Minister of Women’s Rights, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem.

Thank you all for your support and help in raising awareness in fighting violence against women!

12/07/2012 | An Eye On…

200 civil society organisations tackle the European Parliament about the abolition of prostitution

Veille > Call abolition prostitution ENThe European Women’s Lobby hosted on 4 December a conference entitled “10 years of policies on prostitution: outcomes of the Swedish and Dutch options, and ways forward” at the European Parliament.

This debate aimed at assessing Swedish and Dutch models, referred to as the two main legislative options to deal with this issue, based on opposing views of the system of prostitution.

On this occasion, around 200 women’s rights NGOs, coming from 25 Member States and four other countries, unveiled their Brussels’ Call “Together for a Europe free from prostitution”. 

Read press release.

11/27/2012 | An Eye On…

New shops of Filles du Facteur and Relmu Witral  

EntrSociaux > 11Social Entrepreneurs Awards 2012 winners keep on growing!

- Discover the new online shop of Les Filles du Facteur and the new Facteur Céleste collection of accessories in recycled plastic bags. 

- Make your shopping in Santiago where Relmu Witral association opened on 16 November its textile shop made by  women weavers preserving the ancestral know-how of the Mapuche.


11/23/2012 | An Eye On…

The French newspaper Le Nouvel Observateur launches the manifesto 313 to raise awareness on rape

Some 20 years after the manifesto in favour of abortion, “Le Nouvel Observateur” publishes a manifesto signed by 313 women who declare being a victim of rape.

This mobilisation aims at raising awareness on a hidden truth: each year in France, more than 75,000 women are raped, i.e. one rape each 8 minutes. Such tragedies are kept secret, because of the shame they cause, but they are or will be undergone by one out of ten women in her lifetime.

From the tennis player Isabelle Demongeot to the ex-wife of the former Prime Minister, Marie-Laure de Villepin through the writer Frédérique Hébrard, they are between 18 and 87 years old. In the upcoming weeks, hundreds of them will get committed so that shame switches side.

Discover testimonies, interviews and video on Le Nouvel Observateur’s special page “Rape, the manifesto”.

Read Clémentine Autain‘s interview, author of the book  “Un beau jour… Combattre le viol", published in 2011 by Indigène Editions.