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Support for women victims of domestic violence

CEPRODIH (or Centre for the Promotion of Human Dignity) supports and defends the rights of the most vulnerable populations, especially women and children at high social risk and who suffer from domestic violence. CEPRODIH's program focuses on emergency protective care and return to a productive life by providing temporary shelter, job training, child guards, resettlement in permanent housing, and access to the full exercise of their civil rights.

The project aimed at creating a Comprehensive Center for Women and Families in Montevideo to provide outpatient care to approximately 150 pregnant women and their young children who have been victims of domestic violence. The Centre acts as a support system to limit downward spirals and encourage women to rebuild their lives. It is a safe haven where in conjunction with training, counseling and attention, a diagnosis of the situation can be made, and the women, accompanied by the team, begin to develop a strategy to achieve independence.

Implementation of a Comprehensive Center for Women and Families
Start date:
June 2011
End date:
May 2012
Women victims of domestic violence