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2010: at least 89 States in the world have taken legislative measures to fight against domestic violence. 60 of them have now a specific legislation on this issue.

The July 9, 2010 law reinforces the victims' protection in France.


Every 2.5 days in 2009, a woman died of physical abuse from her partner in France, i.e. 140 deaths. Domestic violence would concern 2 million French women, i.e. 1 of 10 women between 18 and 59 years old. Only 8% of the victims bring an action against their spouse or ex spouse.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence or Spousal abuse (or intimate partner abuse) comprises all acts of violence committed by one spouse or partner...


...against the other, that cause or may cause injury, prejudice and physical, sexual or mental suffering to the victim, including threats of such acts, pressure or arbitrary deprivation of liberty (humiliation, verbal abuse, threats, psychological pressure, physical abuse, sexual abuse, rape).
This type of violence may be perpetrated by a current intimate partner (spouse by law or custom) or an ex-partner.

Source: French Ministry of Labour, Social Relations, Family and Solidarity

The fight against violence toward women has been declared “Great National Cause 2010” by the French government. In this framework, a new law was voted at the end of June, 2010. This law creates a new offence of psychological violence inside the couple and establishes a “protection order” authorizing to put the violent spouse aside, preventively.

Read the July 9, 2010 Law (French version only)


Domestic violence
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