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Enda Europe

Fight against domestic violence in Madagascar

Founded in January 1977, Enda Europe supports the international organization Enda Tiers Monde and other humanitarian associations or institutions, working towards sustainable development, citizenship and fighting against poverty in Southern countries. Since 2008 and in partnership with Enda Indian Ocean, this organization has implemented actions to fight against marital violence in Madagascar.

Malagasy women's conditions are difficult as much in terms of legal recognition of their equal rights as in the different spheres of their everyday lives (family, work, education). Domestic violence is a particularly serious issue that everyone knows about, but that remains hushed and ill-known. The project intends, in a networking strategy, to prevent domestic violence (awareness about rights) to strengthen hosting capacities, guidance and support by local actors (capacity building of local stakeholders), and provide concrete answers to female victims (micro-credit, training in income-generating activities, legal support).

Enda Europe
Action and prevention against domestic violence in Antananarivo
Start date:
September 2010
End date:
March 2012
Women, young people