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Combatting domestic and sexual violence

Founded in 1992, ESSOR aims to help the poorest communities to access the means and resources to sustainably improve their living conditions. ESSOR is currently running some 15 projects Brazil, Mozambique, Cape Verde and Chad. The projects are intended to meet the vital needs of rural and urban communities, by providing access to basic services (water, education, vocational training, access to job markets, etc.) through an integrated approach involving all community stakeholders, whether public or private.

The project is intended to contribute to economic and social empowerment of disadvantaged women in the municipality of Patos located in northeastern Brazil through assistance services on the labor market in partnership with local businesses and support to the creation of income generating activities in partnership with microfinance institutions. The project is also intended to combat domestic and sexual violence through the education of women about their rights and awareness campaign involving men among other activities.

Economic and social empowerment of women, and fight against domestic and sexual violence in the Nordeste region
Start date:
July 2009
End date:
June 2010
Economically vulnerable women (low income, single parent)