Improving access to housing for women victims of violence

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Improving access to housing for women victims of violence

On 11 May 2017, La Fédération Nationale Solidarité Femmes (FNSF) published a legal guide entitled 'Logement et violences conjugales' (Housing and Domestic Violence).

It aims to "better support women victims of violence, from their departure from home to access to a new accomodation," says the Federation.


How can a violent partner be removed from the home? Under what conditions can the lease be transferred to the woman who is the victim of the violence? When leaving home, what solutions exist for relocation, how to apply for social housing and what financial assistance can this woman ask for?


These are questions that women victims of violence can wonder, to which this simple and practical guide wishes to respond.

Written for associations combatting domestic violence, the women they accompany and actors of social housing, it is organized around 34 fact sheets and six themes.


Available in digital format, this guide was also edited and printed in 1,000 copies thanks to a grant from the Kering Foundation. For any paper order, please contact



FNSF combats domestic violence in France. FNSF operates the national help-line 3919 that offers listening, information and guidance; coordinates a network of 65 local organisations providing help and shelter to women victims of domestic violence and their children. It also provides training to network members and to other community stakeholders, such as social workers, health professionals, law enforcement officers and elected officials.

Since 2009, the Kering Foundation has been a partner of the FNSF. This partnership is built around a charter to prevent and combat domestic violence, which commits the Group to training its employees in France. In addition, the Kering Foundation supports the Federation's media campaigns.