An International Women’s Day … but an everyday fight.

Despite the significant achievements made for women condition during the past century, the situation is still far from being sorted out in 2017. Violence, inequality in wages and opportunities, access to education and health, are challenges that still remain for the years to come.

On the occasion of the International Women's Day, the Kering Foundation sheds a light on the actions of its partners, who are on a daily basis engaged in the field to improve the life of women survivors.



La Maison des Femmes in Saint-Denis (France), is a place of welcome, listening and support where women arbirth control contraception, abortion, cares for female mutilation, rape or physical and psychological violence, the team of La Maison des Femmes offers women the most appropriate care to restore their integrity, freedom and dignity. This house is a concrete response in the fight on violence and discrimination against women.

To celebrate the International Women's Day, La Maison des Femmes is offering to its patients a whole week of activities:

  • On Tuesday 7, a screening of Ne Dis Rien, a Spanish movie about a woman who triesto break the cycle of domestic violence.
  • On Wednesday 8, a makeup tutorial in presence of a photographer who will take portraits of the participating women.
  • On Thursday 9, a computer workshop to teach women the basics of coding, in partnership with
  • On Friday 10, a screening of La vie de Liliana, a documentary on the life of a Romanian woman migrating to France, followed by a discussion with an expert. 

Each activity is a way for women to break their routine and do something for themselves.

At La Maison des Femmes, we believe women's courage and resilience should be celebrated every day of the year, and that is what we want to achieve. “



Excision, Parlons-en! aims to raise awareness, spread regular information and foster the commitment of international and national organizations to abandon Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

In France, 3 out of 10 girls, whose parents come from communities where FGM is practiced, are at risk of being cut, mainly during the holiday trips to their native country.

In order to protect these young girls, the Excision, Parlons-en! Association with its partners and members, launches a prevention campaign for teenagers from March to June 2017, including three main tools: a website for teenagers, videos and posters.

Visit Excision Parlons-En website for more information!



Women’s Aid is a UK national domestic abuse charity working to end domestic abuse against women and children.

Every year, Women’s Aid uses the International Women's Day as an opportunity to raise awareness. This year the association will be using social media to debunk the myths that surround domestic abuse, and call for people to become Women’s Aid Campaign Champions: by giving survivors of domestic violence a voice, they ensure that politicians decision makers are listening. Sign up to be a campaign champion here!



It’s On Us is a cultural movement aiming at shifting the public narrative on sexual assault on American college campuses. It engages a diverse set of partners and collaborates with local leader students to build campaigns that contribute to implement policy change on their campuses.

This International Women's Day, It's On Us is proud to celebrate the progress of female activists working to end sexual assault on campuses and in communities across the United States. It's on all of us to #BeBoldForChange and be a part of the solution to end sexual violence.

If you are in the US, you too can #BeBoldForChange by signing up to host an It's On Us Week of Action event during this April!



The National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV), is fighting domestic violence in the United States. This association offers support to victims of domestic violence and empowers survivors to build new lives.

This year for International Women's Day, NNEDV will be in NYC meeting with the Global Network of Women’s Shelter and for the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

NNEDV will also be hosting their first annual Economic Justice Summit in Detroit. For more information, visit the event page!



We End Violence provides an innovative model to raise awareness and change behaviors leading to gender-based violence in the US. The organization is committed to creating a culture where it is safe for survivors of sexual violence to share their stories and heal; to change the cultural myths and norms of discrimination; to encourage men to see their role in preventing violence; and to build alliances that will empower more people to speak out.

We End Violence will participate on March 8 to “A Day Without a Woman” to stand in solidarity with @womensmarch.



Established in 2004, HER Fund aims to support marginalized women in Hong Kong through fund raising, grant making, capacity building and public education.

For the International Women's Day, HER Fund is planning a SHERO Night. A SHERO is a woman or a man who supports women's rights. It is thanks to the many SHEROS that it is possible to make changes for the advancement of women rights and gender equity.

This dinner will be held on March 18th to celebrate the achievements of all individuals who have been involved in improving women and girls’ rights.

If you want to support this dinner, please click here!



Launched in 2006, Starfish Project is a social enterprise managed by and for women in Beijing. It is committed to giving hope to exploited women and girls by helping them regain freedom, independence and develop a career though jewelry design and production.

It allows them to change their lives by offering them a roof, a psychological accompaniment with dedicated counseling, and access to training and employment.

For the first time, these women and girls are being celebrated for their accomplishments, and encouraged to imagine they can build a better life. 

For the International Women's Day, all Starfish jewelry pieces will be 25% off! Don’t hesitate to buy now, it’s here!