Jessica Ladd, Callisto, U.S

Revolutionizing sexual assault reporting on campus and beyond 

“Callisto is the type of website I wish had been there when I needed it. A place for people like me to share what happened to us, to feel less alone, to get the information we need, to support each other, and create change so nothing like this happens to anyone else.”
An estimated 90% of sexual assaults on college campuses in the United States are committed by repeat perpetrators. Less than 10% of the one in five women who are sexually assaulted ultimately report it2. Jess Ladd, the founder of Callisto and an infectious disease epidemiologist by training, did the math: 59% of sexual assault cases could be prevented just by identifying repeat offenders.
Ladd describes Callisto as “the online reporting system that sexual assault survivors want.” Callisto’s mission is to create one website for survivors of sexual assault or coercion that can detect any serial sexual predator in the United States. Callisto aims to create a reporting process that prioritizes survivors’ needs, rebuilds their sense of agency, and empowers survivors to understand their range of options.
Callisto is changing the equation with their unprecedented matching system. Users who experience sexual assault can choose to: report the incident electronically, hold a private record of their incident for later reporting, or enter into the matching system to be reported to authorities if another survivor names the same assailant. With the ability to record their assailant's information, survivors are protecting their communities while simultaneously extending their options for action by giving them the added confidence and credibility to report the incident.
Currently available on 13 college campuses to over 159,000 students, Callisto plans to continue to grow their reach in higher-education and is expanding to support survivors of sexual assault and harassment in professional industries beginning this year.


“When I reported the incident to campus security, suddenly I was being questioned and doubted and asked for proof, and that process was more traumatic than the assault itself.” Jessica Ladd, founder of Callisto


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