NGO partnership
LARAM Center

SOFT, founded after the first Chechnya war (1994/1996), was initially dedicated to the rehabilitation of schools and testimony actions. The association limited its activities once the situation became stabilised, until a new war triggered massive needs once again. SOFT was therefore "reactivated" in the perspective of responding to needs identified by local partners.

The purpose of the project "Grozny, a Centre, Women, a Future" is to empower vulnerable women and women victims of violence in Chechenia by promoting access to vocational training, employment and psychosocial activities. The Laram Center also aims at raising awareness on violence against women among the Chechen society.

Promote the social and economic self-sufficiency and empowerment of vulnerable women in Chechnya
Start date:
June 2009
End date:
September 2011
Single women, widows, disabled women, former prisoners, victims of spousal violence.