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Support women in their professional integration

The Môm'artre association was founded in 2001, with a vocation to create a dedicated Arts complex for children and offer at the same time an innovative childcare solution for parents and more specifically for single parents: "To hold a job while raising children and living in the city is truly a challenge for a number of families and even more for single mothers and low income people."

In France, the number of women raising their children alone is higher in urban areas: in Paris, there are 34% single-parent families, 33% of which live under the poverty line. 46% of women quit their jobs when they have their first child. The project aims to support the lead antenna, created in 2009 in order to manage and develop the branches of the Môm'artre Network and extend the Môm'artre experience to new territories in urban clusters in order to address the families' demand and to create jobs, activity and a social link in the targeted neighbourhoods.

Support to the lead antenna of Môm'artre network
Start date:
September 2010
End date:
September 2011
Single mothers, unemployed women