The Solidarity Fair of Fnac Dijon seen by a beneficiary…

Véronique was one of the beneficiaries who acceded to the Solidarity Fair during the first hour dedicated to them. She testifies about the opportunity this event gave to her…

How did you hear about the "Braderie Solidaire"?

At the last Secours Populaire Français food distribution on 23 June 2009, there were big posters announcing the "Braderie" rummage sale all over the room.
As SPF beneficiaries, we received a card with details on the date, place and time of the event. At opening time, SPF beneficiaries had exclusive access to the rummage sale for one hour and we enjoyed the greatest choice of products.

What kind of products were you looking for in this rummage sale? Were prices really interesting?

I was mostly looking for high-tech items (mp3, flash drive, software, CPU, monitor, mobile phone, digital camera), but also for books, CDs or DVDs, which are rather expensive products in shops. Thanks to this event, we could "go a little crazy" and access culture at a modest price.

Beneficiaries looking for technicals and cultural items (CDs, DVDs...) Zoom Beneficiaries looking for technicals and cultural items (CDs, DVDs...) 

What did you eventually purchase?

I was able to buy a CPU and a flat screen, also a few CDs, DVDs and books (novels, paperbacks, children's books, cookbooks, travel guides), as well as some very nice books that I never could have afforded at their regular price.  And finally, as icing on the cake, I found a 320 Go external hard-drive, a dream finally come true!

I really hope this big cultural rummage sale will be renewed in 2010 and I sincerely thank the FNAC Dijon, the PPR Foundation and the Secours Populaire Dijon from the bottom of my heart!