The Solidarity Fair of Fnac Dijon seen by a volunteer employee

Eric Galenski, Manager of the Music Department, got involved in the organisation of the Solidarity Fair: he explains what this project means to him

Volunteers of the Solidarity Fair of Fnac Dijon Zoom Volunteers of the Solidarity Fair of Fnac Dijon 

How did you hear about the Fnac "Braderie Solidaire" (solidarity rummage sale)?

I had already been involved in the first "Braderie Solidaire" when I was manager of the music department. This year, I found out about the second edition of the rummage sale during a team meeting, and as book department manager, I was also able to pass on the information to the sales clerks in my own team.

What did you like best about this event?

I appreciated the wide-range selection and the quality of the products, the D-Day (and previous days) organisation, the commitment of the Secours Populaire Français volunteers and the fact that the sales clerks from my team were also present.

What will you remember from this event?

Besides the great financial success, I was particularly impressed by the “customers'” surprise in discovering such a high quality offer, but also and above all, by everyone's availability and enthusiasm and by the solidarity among all the people involved.

How do you feel about the possibility of being involved in a solidarity project sponsored by your company?

I am very much in favour of it, even though it can sometimes make scheduling management a little complicated. This type of opportunity can contribute to giving a positive image of the company, and on a more personal level it brings great satisfaction.