Where we work
Where we work

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Projets et actions

Rehabilitation support to victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation

This project includes a two fold programme: - Siem Reap medium term rehabilitation centre which provides shelter, food, medical and psychological care as well as vocational training to survivors...

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Partnerships with local and international NGOs

The Foundation supports projects submitted by local and international NGOs. Projects are evaluated and analysed from an operational and financial standpoint, with a special focus on capacity building and assessment of social impacts.

The Kering Foundation endeavours to build a geographically and thematically well-balanced portfolio of projects supported over any single year.

Project proposals are reviewed by the Selection Committee who approves the backing and amounts granted. In the event of funding needs in excess of €70 K, the Committee issues a recommendation and submits the project to the Board for final decision (every 6 months). In 2009 the Kering Foundation supported 19 NGO projects with a global amount of €475K. In 2010, €439K have been allocated to 16 projects. In 2011, the Foundation supports 13 projects up to €308K. In 2012, 15 partnerships are in progress around the world.

Beyond financial support, the Foundation fosters all forms of collaboration between NGOs and the Group’s brands and companies.

In order to match Kering Group’s strategic and geographic positioning, the Kering Foundation team will now source the community projects in a proactive way and directly get in contact with potential partners. From now on, the selection via the online application form and the Selection Committee is stopped. 

Selection of the projects

Selection Criteria

Examples of supported projects