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Planète Enfants

Combatting human trafficking and sexual exploitation

Large migration flows from Nepal to India induce human trafficking in the thousands, in particular trafficking of young girls. Founded in January 1992, the Planète Enfants association fights human trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and children. They carry prevention actions and rehabilitation for victims of trafficking, domestic violence and sexual exploitation. The project “Reinforcing women’s capacities to fight trafficking and domestic violence in Nepal” supported by the Foundation, implements various types of activities (literacy, awareness of human rights, creation of protection comittees and income-generating activities) for women in order to strengthen their capacities and to protect the most vulnerable. It also aims at improving women’s rights in general, a core issue in all their programmes.
The Kering Foundation has supported this project since 2010 with financial grants as well as skills shared by volunteer employees according to local needs (project management, textile design). In 2014, a group of Kering executives contributed their expertise on the field, in the context of the leadership development program, by the Kering corporate university

For instance, the SAXO project, a collaboration between Delphine Randet, a former project manager in the fashion industry, and Planète Enfants, will welcome a Kering volunteer to help building capacities in management of sewing workshop.

Planète Enfants
Fighting trafficking and sexual exploitation
Start date:
July 2010
End date:
December 2011
Vulnerable women and girls


Sunita (20) and Tara Lama (18) arrived at the rehabilitation center of the association in 2012. They come from a 10-children family and lived in the Dhading district, two hours from Kathmandu. The family, farmers, was modest but all children were going to school.

Sunita : « When I was in class 5, I fell sick and I had to leave school. I was told I had the tuberculosis and was given a very heavy treatment. I was tired, I stayed at home helping my mother for housekeeping. My sister Tara joined us as she was very sick too, she was epileptic. My parents were poor at Katmandou, my father used to repair watches and my mother used to sell grilled corn in the street. We needed money. I started to work in a dance bar and Tara too…Cap Nepal* organized in the city temporary relief camps for girls facing difficulties like us. We met people who proposed us to come to the centre ».

Tara : « We joined the workshop producing handbags, last January. I am happy to work here because I learn how to sew high-quality bags. Sunita and I have saved money and we are now renting a room out of the centre for one month. In May, we will go back to school on morning and work at the workshop on afternoon to earn our living. Then, I would like to go to high school to study. What kind of studies? I don’t know yet… high studies to be stronger. »

* Partner of Planète Enfants