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NG002S16 World Bank par World Bank Photo Collection | Young women talking. Nigeria. Photo: © Curt Carnemark / World Bank - le 14 novembre 2008 sur Flickr


The Foundation was created by Kering Group for a minimum term of five years. The Foundation operates under the governance of the Sustainability Department.

The Kering Foundation develops and supports solidarity projects in partnership with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). It is structured around three complementary governance bodies:

Management Team

The permanent staff of the Management Team runs the Foundation's day-to-day activities, working closely with non-profit associations and with Kering brands and companies. The Management Team analyses partnering proposals, coordinates the Selection Committee, assesses and monitors the selected projects, mobilises the personnel, and advises Kering brands and companies on their solidarity initiatives (Priority 7: “Implement solidarity programmes related to companies’ business activity”).

The Management Team includes two permanent staff members:

  • Céline Bonnaire, Executive Director     Watch her testimonial
  • Emilie Rognon, Project Manager

board of directors

Under the Chairmanship of François-Henri Pinault, the Board of the Kering Corporate Foundation meets twice a year to define the Foundation’s strategic orientations and oversee its proper governance.

The Board is made up of fifteen members, comprising a Founding Members Board, a Kering S.A Personnel Representative college and a college of Qualified Personalities committed to women’s issues.

Find videos of all members of the Kering Foundation's Board of Directors, discussing women's rights and their committment to the Foundation in their biography below.

Nine Founder Members

François-Henri Pinault, Chairman & CEO of Kering
Laurent Claquin, Head of Kering Americas
Belén Essioux-Trujillo, Senior Vice-President Kering Human Resources
Frida Giannini, Creative Director of Gucci
Isabelle Guichot, Chairman & CEO of Balenciaga
Stella McCartney, Creative Director of Stella McCartney
Mimi Tang, Head of Kering Asia Pacific
Marie-Claire Daveu, Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of international institutional affairs of Kering
Jochen Zeitz, Kering Board member

Five Qualified Personalities

Claude Chirac, Communications Consultant
Waris Dirie, writer, founder of the Waris Dirie Foundation against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
Salma Hayek, American actress, director and producer, member of the V-Day Association's Board of Directors
Yuan Feng, advocator for women's rights and gender equality in China
Nazanine Ravaï, Special Adviser to the President of Artemis

One Personal Representative

  • Philippe Buendia, IT Purchase Director, Kering

The Selection Committee

The Selection Committee reviews all funding applications submitted to the Kering Foundation by non-profit associations and NGOs, as well as social entrepreneurship projects. It reviews in particular applications for NGO Partnerships, Employee Projects and Social Entrepreneurs Awards.

Based on specific criteria, the Committee decides on the amount of funding granted, which may be multiannual for some long-term projects.

Acting on the powers delegated by the Board, the Selection Committee grants financial support up to €70K. For budgets in excess of this amount, the Committee issues recommendations to the Board. The Committee comprises both external and internal members, and meets 2 to 3 times a year.

- Grégoire Amigues, Kering Vice President Development and Strategy
- Céline Bonnaire, Executive Director, Kering Corporate Foundation
- Philippe Buendia, IT Purchase Director, Kering S.A.
- Laurent Claquin, Head of Kering Americas and a member of the Corporate Foundation’s Board
- Emilie Rognon, Project Coordinator, Kering Corporate Foundation
- Linda Weil-Curiel, lawyer and representative of the “Commission pour l’Abolition des Mutilations Sexuelles”/CAMS (Commission for the Abolition of Genital Mutilations)
- Two facilitators from Kering Group brands and companies, in attendance by rotation throughout the year



The Kering Corporate Foundation is part of Kering Sustainability Department 

Kering empowers an ensemble of brands to reach their full growth potential in the most imaginative and sustainable manner.

The same vision that drives the Group’s business strategy drives its commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

Kering is propelling its brands to lead with new business models that contribute to a better world economically, socially and environmentally.

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