Social Entrepreneurs Awards

In line with Kering’s corporate values of entrepreneurship, boldness and adventure, three social entrepreneurs are selected every year for the economic viability and the social added value of their projects in favour of women.

What is a Social Entrepreneur?

Social entrepreneurs develop business projects of general interest and/or pursuing a socially beneficial goal. Such projects reconcile economic efficiency and social utility, private initiative and solidarity: fight against exclusion, create or preserve quality jobs, enhance the value of a region, secure a fair income for producers, build social cohesion, etc. Both dimensions are frequently combined with a third goal of participatory governance: involvement of stakeholders, limited returns on capital, profits reinvested into the project, etc. Social entrepreneurs explore innovative forms of entrepreneurship, seeking and finding groundbreaking opportunities.

Selection of the Projects

Selection Process
Selection Criteria of the Project Leader
Selection Criteria of the Project

The project proposer is expected to demonstrate his/her entrepreneurship spirit and previous entrepreneurial experience.
Aside from a financial grant of €15,000, the winning social entrepreneurs also receive personnal and business sponsoring and guidance from a Kering Group staff member. Kering corporate sponsors contribute their business and marketing expertise, share their insight on market analysis and positioning, and provide the social entrepreneur with open access to their business network in order to facilitate the implementation of his/her project.


On 21 June  2012, François-Henri Pinault, CEO of the Kering Group and Chairman of the Kering Foundation, awarded three social entrepreneurs chosen by the Kering Foundation's Selection Committee:

On 9 June 2010, the three awards-winners were:

  • Sakina M'Sa for her work- and beauty-based integration workshop. Her project was sponsored by a Human Resources manager of Yves Saint-Laurent.
  • Anne Roos-Weil for the association Pesinet fighting against infant mortality in Mali. This iniciative was supported by a manager of PPR Strategy Department.
  • Maria Teresa Leal for COOPA-ROCA, a women's cooperative in a Rio's favela in Brazil. This project was mentored by a marketing maganer of FNAC Brazil.

Discover the details on their projects through the project explorer.

Launched in 2008, the Social Entrepreneurs Awards already awarded Jean-Pierre Clair (for AIL 46), Rachel Liu and Antoinette Giorgi (for Ideo), Olivier Desurmont (for Sineo) and Thomas Granier and Séri Youlou (for La Voûte nubienne/AVN). The four winners have been provided business guidance from a PPR senior executive for an entire year.

In June 2009, the Foundation extended its partnership with La Voûte nubienne with an expertise transfer project developed jointly with PPR UniverCité. Six PPR high potential executives were invited to work on an audit for La Voûte nubienne (AVN). Their assignment started in Paris on the occasion of a first meeting with the Management Team. It continued in Boromo, Burkina Faso, where they met with Burkinabe masons trained by AVN, clients and local staff, providing them with the opportunity to better assess all the impacts of this project. Backed by this unforgettable human experience, the PPR executives finalised the audit intended to help La Voûte nubienne duplicate its model.

Examples of supported projects