NGO partnership
Virlanie Foundation

Combatting violence against women and fostering women's empowerment in the Philippines

The Foundation provides care for street children or children entrusted by other institutions or by their family. Virlanie focuses among other on the prevention of future abuse to which children and mothers might be subjected. It provides various types of development aid to empower them in becoming independent, productive and self-reliant individuals.

Violence against women is widespread in the Philippines, in spite of the enactment of the Anti-Violence Against Women Act (2004) that criminalises ill-treatment, physical, mental and sexual abuse against women and their children. While there are no clear statistics in the Philippines, the situation is alarming. The number of single teen mothers has been increasing and very few institutions exist to take care of them. The primary goal of the Virlanie Foundation is to empower young single mothers who are victims of neglect, abuse or abandonment to help them become socially responsible, productive and self-reliant.

Virlanie Foundation
Mother & Child shelter: support and empower young mothers who have been abandoned or are victims of abuse and violence
Start date:
September 2010
End date:
December 2012
Women and girls victims of abuse, neglected and/or abandoned, and their babies