Our Impact

Over the past decade, the Kering Foundation has built a strategy focused on impact. By working in close collaboration with a limited number of partners in 6 specific countries, we aim to support evidence-based programs, integrating in-depth monitoring and evaluation to track progress and demonstrate relevance and efficiency.

Supporting survivors by Providing lifesaving services

As a leading foundation combating violence against women, the Kering Foundation provides essential support to specialist organizations and innovative models that focus on the rehabilitation of women survivors.

Through unrestricted funding to specialist organizations offering front-line services at the national level, the Kering Foundation contributes to ensuring that more survivors have access to timely and qualitative care and support to escape from at-risk situations.

The Kering Foundation is a leading corporate donor of national specialist organization partners in Italy (1st), France (1st), the United Kingdom (3rd) and the United States (6th).