Technology to empower survivors in the reporting process

United States -

Callisto is an online documentation and reporting system that prioritizes the needs of survivors of campus sexual assault, rebuilding their sense of agency and encouraging them to understand their range of options. Callisto is designed to create a more empowering reporting experience for survivors, provide authorities with better evidence and data on sexual assault and facilitate the identification of repeat assailants. Users who experience sexual assault can choose to report the incident electronically, hold a private record of the incident for later reporting or enter into the matching system to be reported to authorities if another survivor names the same assailant.

Callisto is now used by 162,000 students across 13 campuses in the US, with plans to continue their reach in higher-education.

“Callisto is the type of website I wish had been there when I needed it. A place for people like me to share what happened to us, to feel less alone, to get the information we need, to support each other, and create change so nothing like this happens to anyone else.”

Jessica Ladd, founder of Callisto