Shaanxi Research Association for Women and Family


Promoting women’s empowerment, eliminating gender discrimination, and ending domestic abuse in China

In China, 25-30% of women are victims of domestic violence in their lifetime, according to a study done by All China Women’s Federation in 2012. Shaanxi Research Association for Women and Family (SRAWF) explores different approaches to eliminate abuse, such as trainings against gender discrimination and domestic violence, hotline counselling, psychological counselling, support groups for survivors and children, perpetrators counselling, and more. SRAWF is strongly rooted in the communities it works in, and regularly partners with local women’s federations, police, local courts, hospitals, and schools.

The Kering Foundation supports SRAWF to build capacities of 20 local organizations to become more specialized in anti-domestic violence work. The activities include:

• Evaluation of the current activities of the local organization

• Development of an anti-domestic violence toolkit

• Trainings on project management, gender discrimination and anti-domestic violence.

• Capacity building workshops for leaders and staff.

Today, 13 local organizations have been provided with assessments on their capacity and needs to better address domestic violence and have also been given a “Training of Trainers” with gender and anti-domestic violence experts.

“After participating in the training, the way I plan to focus on opposing domestic abuse is to disseminate anti-domestic violence knowledge, encourage survivors to bravely tell the truth about DV and help them”

NGO participant in training delivered by SRAWF