Women’s Funds: Mediterranean Women's Fund, Rosa Fund, Her Fund, Fondo Semillas, Women's Foundation of California, Women Win


Empowering Grassroots Organizations for Greater Change

China - France - Italy - Mexico - United Kingdom - United States

Mediterranean Women's Fund

Rosa Fund

Her Fund

Fondo Semillas

Women's Foundation of California

At the community level, grassroots organizations are at the forefront in preventing and responding to violence against women. They have the ability to address complex social issues with locally driven solutions. The Kering Foundation supports 5 Women’s Funds in 6 countries, whose common purpose is to act as key agents of change by providing resources to local women’s and girls’ organizations in the form of:

• Financial aid, direct grants, and capacity building.

• Strategic support to amplify women and girls’ voices.

• Network building among similar groups for greater influence, power, impact, and opportunities to scale.

The Foundation is convinced that social change begins at the community level, which is why it provides funding to cover the program activities of these 5 Women’s Funds, currently supporting 16 grassroots organizations. With these Funds, the Foundation seeks to boost the implementation of prevention programs targeting youth, marginalized groups, men and boys, and to develop programs to combat cyber-violence.

In Hong Kong, Les Corner, supported though Her Fund has driven recognition by running domestic violence awareness workshops and trainings specifically for the LGBTQI community. It also created dialogue with local authorities and police on lesbian-friendly procedures in their handling of cases.

“The Kering Foundation's backing made a significant difference in our ability to provide support to women’s organizations to improve their sustainability and ensure they have the resourcing to be able to adapt to the challenges posed by the COVID crisis."

Women’s Fund member Rosa Fund.