Support For Victims of Domestic and Intra-Family Violence, Saint-Malo Hospital


Equipping hospitals to better support survivors

Domestic and intra-family violence is a major public health issue and requires quick and appropriate support for survivors. With 144,000 inhabitants in Saint Malo area and 44,000 people admitted every year in medical emergency, the hospital is a strategic place to identify and support victims of domestic and Intra-Family Violence. Created in March 2015 by a team of health professionals from the Saint-Malo Hospital, the organization Accompagnement hospitalier des victimes de violences conjugales et intrafamiliales (Saint Malo) ("Hospital Support for Victims of Domestic and Intra-Family Violence") aims to improve the medical and social care of adults and children victims of violence through a multipronged response including immediate assistance, and longer-term psychotherapy and social support.

From 2018 to 2020, the Kering Foundation provided backing to cover the core project activities of the organization which included trainings for health professionals on better identifying victims of violence, increasing the capacity of the hospital to care for survivors, and awareness campaigns among non-health professionals involved in the support process. Over a span of 3 years, 348 children and 281 adults were identified and given appropriate care.

Support from the Kering Foundation increased the number of consultations by 45%.

The number of identified "at-risk" adults increased by 36% by the end of the project.

55% of women victims of domestic violence receiving support from the Saint-Malo Hospital filed complaints against their abusers versus just 18% on average in France nation-wide.

"Without the support of the Kering Foundation, we would not have been able to carry out our actions and above all we would not have been able to provide adequate assistance to the victims. The administrative intricacies of public funding make it difficult to receive such transversal support encompassing different services from different hospital hubs. The Kering Foundation has helped us enormously to best accompany the victims."

Saint-Malo Hospital Team Members