Our governance

Our board of directors

Under the chairmanship of Francois-Henri Pinault, the Kering Foundation Board is made up of 15 directors who bring a wide range of knowledge and expertise in the worlds of business, nonprofit management, the arts and the civic sector. The Board meets twice a year to assess the 5-year strategic direction, validate grant-making over €70,000 per year and ensure proper governance.

Our management team

Under the management of the Executive Director, the team runs the Foundation's day-to-day activities, working closely with non-profit organizations, Kering Houses, and its network of peers. The management team identifies new grantees through recommendations and fieldwork and works with them to develop programs aimed at combating violence against women. It meets regularly with the grantees to assess and monitor the programs and engages employees to volunteer their skills to benefit its partners. Twice a year, it presents an update on the implementation strategy, proposes new programs as well as initiatives to enhance the impact of the Foundation to the Board of Directors.

Céline Bonnaire, Executive Director

Céline Bonnaire has worked in non-profit and philanthropy for the past thirteen years. As the Executive Director since the Foundation’s creation in 2008 and in coordination with its Board of Directors, Céline engages the Foundation in long-term partnerships with local organizations in order to develop programs to support women survivors of violence and to improve prevention, working with diverse audiences.

Carly Newman, Project Manager

Carly Newman joined the Kering Foundation in 2017 as Project Manager. She leads efforts to raise awareness externally and internally on violence against women and the Kering Foundation’s partners. Carly works to amplify the visibility of the Foundation and to mobilize the Group’s employees to join this combat that affects 1 in 3 women worldwide.

Matthieu Arrault, International Program Manager

After 12 years working in the areas of development and international solidarity, Matthieu Arrault joined the Kering Foundation in 2017. As an International Program manager, he coordinates and monitors the Foundation’s partnerships with local organizations supporting women survivors and implementing prevention activities. Matthieu particularly focuses on fostering the impact of the Foundation support to put an end to violence against women.

Vidya Paul, Project Officer

As part of a one-year trainee program, Vidya supports Carly on topics related to communication and awareness.

Koudjiratou Salao, Program and Partnership Officer

As part of a one-year trainee program, Koudjiratou supports Matthieu on topics related to the Foundation’s partnerships and impact.

Our programs accross violence against women

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