Our programs
for meaningful change

In order to support local programs and initiatives that readily impact change, we maintain a close dialogue with a targeted number of partners, from grassroots networks to specialist organizations, across six countries. We also work internally to ensure that our Kering community is actively engaged in understanding and combating violence against women, while mobilizing our peers to join us in this fight.

Watch this month’s Kering Foundation portrait: Jacqui Kilburn manages the national training center at Women's Aid Federation England. She shares her experiences and highlights the importance of understanding the impact of domestic violence on the workplace.

Supporting survivors
to live free from violence

For women to access the support they need worldwide, we partner with a cross-section of frontline, local organizations that provide vital and comprehensive needs-driven services, all while working towards rebuilding autonomy.

Les Corner

Les Corner, partner since 2016

Reaching women at the community level

Founded by 8 young volunteers, Les Corner is a Hong Kong based organization that works with women within sexual minorities to combat intimate partner violence. Through its partnership with the Women’s Fund HER Fund, the Kering Foundation supports this grassroots organization by providing capacity-building, as well as access to essential resources and structural support.

Our impact: Over the past three years, the organization has driven awareness on domestic violence by running workshops and trainings specifically for the LGBTQI community. It also created dialogue with local authorities and police on more inclusive procedures in their handling of intimate partner violence cases.

Implementing prevention programs
to break the cycle of violence

In order to break the intergenerational cycle of violence, we focus on addressing its root causes. With our partners, we challenge gender sterotypes particularly by engaging men and boys, involve the youth to change behaviors and attitudes and work on the intersection with violence against children, in particular incest.

Promundo, partner since 2018

Reinforcing positive attitudes and relationships based on respect and equality

Promundo’s milestone curriculum, Manhood 2.0, is designed to free young men from the “Man Box,” the gender stereotypes that encourage them into ways of thinking and being that prove damaging in their relationships with women and harmful to their own well-being. Instead of acting tough or not expressing emotions, for example, they are encouraged to think and talk about gender beyond the rigid divisions of male and female, and to build healthier attitudes and relationships based on respect and equality.

Our impact: Backed by the Kering Foundation, in 2019, Manhood 2.0 was launched at the Young Men’s Clinic and the New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, after two successful pilot programs in Washington D.C. and Pittsburg. Many participating young men declared that, for the first time, they had a space to think about gender norms and stereotypes and they shifted some of their views on gender. In particular, young men increased their knowledge about sexual consent.

Our programs accrosss violence against women

Taking collective action
to stand against violence

We are proud to play a leadership role in influencing other players to implement changes in policy and in practice to better support women. By mobilizing our extensive network of Kering and brand employees, as well as other companies, the Kering Foundation takes a step further towards workplaces where women who have experienced violence feel safe to disclose their experience to colleagues who know how to support them. In addition, we also offer the opportunity to employees to volunteer their skills to Foundation partners.

One In Three Women Network, co-founded in 2018

A coalition united against violence

Co-founded by the Kering Foundation and the FACE Foundation and joined by Korian, L’Oréal, BNP Paribas, Carrefour, SNCF, OuiCare and Publicis, One In Three Women is the first European network to encourage other companies to support survivors amongst their own employees with concrete measures. Working together and sharing best practices, the coalition develops awareness toolkits, face-to-face trainings based on the Kering Foundation model, corporate policies, and an online-learning.

In November 2019, the One In Three Women network revealed the results of its multi-company European study to measure the impact of domestic violence on the workplace and outline concrete measures for companies. The findings demonstrated the prevalence of domestic violence in professional life, with 87% of victims having reported receiving abusive phone calls and text messages while at work.

Engaging our employees to share their skills : solidarity leave

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