The Global Boyhood Initiative is launched in France


How can we discuss gender equality from a young age?

With the launch of the French version of the Global Boyhood Initiative, the Kering Foundation and Equimundo explore answers to this question, based on exclusive research.

After the launch of the Global Boyhood Initiative in the US in 2020 and the UK in 2022, the Kering Foundation and Equimundo introduce the French edition, D’égal à égale, in June 2023.

The Global Boyhood Initiative is based on the belief that we must engage boys from an early age to combat harmful gender stereotypes and achieve gender equality. Ultimately, the Initiative aims to prevent gender-based violence.

D'égal à égale is underpinned on 2 pieces of research conducted in 2022 by Ipsos and ARESVI (Association de Recherche et d’Etude sur la Santé, la Ville et les Inégalités). Through 6 key findings, they demonstrate an early assimilation of gender stereotypes among children and the crucial role of their parents:

  • 81% of parents know that they play a role in transmitting gender stereotypes to their children.
  • Only 56% of boys are comfortable expressing when they feel scared (vs. 64% of girls).
  • 19% of men under 35 think there are times when a woman deserves to be hit.
  • 30% of boys have been hit by another boy (vs. 18% of girls).
  • 37% of parents feel that their boy is pressured by others to be physically strong.
  • 32% of men under 35 would be ashamed if their son were homosexual (vs. 22% for their daughter).

To initiate change, we need to address younger generations, who will be able to work towards a future without gender inequalities. D’égal à égale has developed tools and resources for boys aged 4 to 13 and the adults in their lives (teachers, parents, coaches, media, etc.) to help them embrace healthy masculinity from an early age.

  • Kering Foundation partner En avant tout(e)s has designed and deployed "Ateliers de l’égalité" (Equality workshops) in three schools. The aim of this pilot project is to raise awareness of gender discrimination among students . In 8 months, 450 children have been trained, for a total of 12 workshop sessions in 18 classes. Based on young people's own perceptions, this awareness-raising program has enabled them to speak out about sexist stereotypes and to create collective questioning.
  • Experts from Equimundo and En avant toute(s) have created “L’Ouvre-discussion” (Conversation Starters), a card game for parents and education professionals, to build a space for listening and in-depth communication with children.

Access the Conversation Starters for 4-6 years old / 7-9 years old / 10-13 years old here.

By using this innovative two-pronged approach - in-depth research and field work - the Kering Foundation and Equimundo aim to contribute to gender equality and to prevent gender-based violence. The Initiative, supported by its strategic partners Gillette and Plan International, is due to be rolled out in Italy and Mexico in 2023.

"To achieve gender equality, we must address how stereotypes, for both girls and boys, become entrenched from an early age."

— Céline Bonnaire, Executive Director of the Kering Foundation

Read the full report in French here.
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