The Kering Foundation launches a video series of women who combat violence


On January 25th, 2021, the Kering Foundation launched “the Kering Foundation’s portraits”: a video series highlights the stories of women survivors of violence, as well as the professionals who accompany them, through the Foundation’s partner organizations.

Episode 1: Hadassah and Diarryatou, supported by La Maison des femmes

"We are strong, courageous and unique women"

Since 2014, the Kering Foundation has proudly supported the Maison des femmes and its team, which welcomes vulnerable women and victims of violence, in Saint-Denis, France. In our first episode, Hadassah and Diarryatou share their poignant testimony about their journey to recovery and healing thanks to the Maison des femmes. Their story highlights the fundamental role of the Kering Foundation's partners in providing essential support to women survivors.

Episode 2: Jacqui Kilburn, Women’s Aid trainer

"Businesses should response to domestic abuse in the most effective way and support their workforce in doing it”

Since 2015, The Kering Foundation has proudly supported the organization Women's Aid, in England, which places survivors of domestic violence at the heart of its work and offers them tailored support.
In the second episode, Jacqui, who has been working in the domestic abuse sector for 30 years, shares her experiences and highlights the importance of understanding the impact of domestic violence on the workplace and training teams on how to respond effectively.

Every 25th of the month - in reference to November 25th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women - the Foundation will share a new video on its social media and website.

Episode 3: Jessica, supported by Les Corner

"They were really like a family and a friend that always gave me support when I needed it"

Since 2016, the Kering Foundation has proudly partnered with Les Corner, through Her Fund, which supports the LGBTQI community in Hong Kong SAR, China.

In the third episode, Jessica, a victim of domestic violence in a same-sex relationship, shares her journey to leave her abusive partner and rebuild her life.