The Kering Foundation launches a video series of women who combat violence


On January 25th, 2021, the Kering Foundation launched “the Kering Foundation’s portraits”: a video series highlights the stories of women survivors of violence, as well as the professionals who accompany them, through the Foundation’s partner organizations.

Episode 1: Hadassah and Diarryatou, supported by La Maison des femmes

"We are strong, courageous and unique women"

Since 2014, the Kering Foundation has proudly supported the Maison des femmes and its team, which welcomes vulnerable women and victims of violence, in Saint-Denis, France.

In our first episode, Hadassah and Diarryatou share their poignant testimony about their journey to recovery and healing thanks to the Maison des femmes. Their story highlights the fundamental role of the Kering Foundation's partners in providing essential support to women survivors.

Episode 2: Jacqui Kilburn, Women’s Aid trainer

"Businesses should response to domestic abuse in the most effective way and support their workforce in doing it”

Since 2015, The Kering Foundation has proudly supported the organization Women's Aid, in England, which places survivors of domestic violence at the heart of its work and offers them tailored support.

In the second episode, Jacqui, who has been working in the domestic abuse sector for 30 years, shares her experiences and highlights the importance of understanding the impact of domestic violence on the workplace and training teams on how to respond effectively.

Episode 3: Jessica, supported by Les Corner

"They were really like a family and a friend that always gave me support when I needed it"

Since 2016, the Kering Foundation has proudly partnered with Les Corner, through Her Fund, which supports the LGBTQI community in Hong Kong SAR, China.

In the third episode, Jessica, a victim of domestic violence, shares her journey to leave her abusive partner and rebuild her life.

Episode 4: Natalie, supported by Women's Aid

“I knew that if I went back, I would just be a statistic."

Since 2015, The Kering Foundation has proudly partnered with Women's Aid, which offers life-saving services to women in England.

In the fourth episode, Natalie shares her experience in an abusive relationship and how, with the support of Women’s Aid, she rebuilt her life. Her bravery led her to escape from the coercive control of her perpetrator. Now she encourages other women to seek support.

Episode 5: Helpline counselor, Solidarité Femmes

“When we hear or see a woman who is a victim of domestic violence, we are not here to judge (her), we are here to find the best way to assist her”

Since 2011, the Kering Foundation has proudly partnered with Solidarité Femmes, its network of 73 specialist organizations and the French national helpline, the 3919, which offers information and guidance to survivors and their relatives.

In the fifth episode, a trained counselor shares her experience responding to calls, to encourage survivors to reach out for support. Her job is to listen to their stories, help them define the abuse they are living through, and refer them to local organizations that can provide the assistance they need.

Episode 6: Sara, refugee and single mother supported by RUN

"I can say that we are like a family"

Since 2018, the Kering Foundation is proud to support RUN and its team, which supports vulnerable refugees through sports, education and more.

In the sixth episode, Sara tells her story as a refugee and single mother in Hong Kong. She shares her difficulties and how the organization RUN supported her. Now, she is able to take time to care for herself and to plan for her future and her daughter's.

Episode 7: Judy, HER Fund’s Executive Director

"Gender equality is not a slogan, it's an action"

Since 2016, the Kering Foundation is proud to support HER Fund, a Women's Fund based in Hong Kong that provides extensive support to grassroots organizations led by and serving the most disadvantaged women and girls.

HER Fund seeks to address their specific needs, and to give them a voice to tell their own story. Judy, HER Fund's Executive Director, tells us about her experience, with the hope that more funders will understand the challenges of the local community, and come together to combat violence against women.

Episode 8: Virginie, RUN Co-Founder and Managing Director

"What we try to do is help them overcome their trauma"

Since 2018, the Kering Foundation is proud to support RUN (Rebuild, Unite, Nurture), an organization supporting vulnerable refugees, particularly women, to build resilience and nurture self-reliance for a more hopeful future. With sports as the springboard and education as the foundation, Virginie and her team help refugees create a life of safety and dignity, in Hong Kong and beyond.

In the eighth episode, Virginie, co-founder and managing director, shares her experience to encourage people to reach out to vulnerable refugees.

Episode 9: Rocío, survivor supported by Las Panas

“Here, I found a sister, a cousin, a friend... I found everything!”

Since 2020, the Kering Foundation is proud to partner with Las Panas, which welcomes marginalized women and victims of violence in Mexico City, Mexico.

In this ninth episode, Rocío is speaking out to save other women like herself.

Episode 10: Gendes, A.C.

“I feel a bit like a blank page. I have no idea what it means to be a man.”

Since 2018, the Kering Foundation is proud to partner with Gendes, a Mexican non-profit organization that organizes group sessions with men to help them question their role in a gender-based social system and explore alternative ways of solving conflict.